FEATURE | A Doctor and A Climate Change Warrior

The Journey of Philippine College of Physician's (PCP) Climate Change Committee Chair. Dr. Jay Jadloc

The climate crisis is pressing, urgent, and an emergency.  It is the civilization that is at stake, and no less than humanity is threatened. Let us exhaust all possible means, pour in resources, maximize efforts and unite strongly to curb the crisis.” Dr. Jonathan Moses “Jay” Jadloc strongly exclaims, when asked about the present climate condition.

Dr. Jadloc, is the National Chair of the Philippine College of Physicians’ (PCP) Climate Change Committee. Aside from serving as a doctor of Internal Medicine and Diabetes, he is passionate about educating people on the burdens and impacts of climate change. As his principle, he even quotes Nelson Mandela that, “Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.”

Indeed, it is; because presently, the PCP Climate Change Committee already reached at least 31, 285 people with their climate change lectures all over the Philippines and Dr. Jadloc never misses to commend the effort made by his fellow climate change warriors. After all, he encourages that education is still the most powerful tool to fuel passion and action.

When asked if it’s important for doctors to tackle environmental issues, Dr. Jadloc quickly conveys that, Doctors need to be involved in issues affecting health; and that includes environmental issues.” He adds that, “the holistic approach of the doctor in the health spectrum of patients, encompasses all causes and etiologies including the environment. Science and research now points that there is interconnectedness between environment, health and mortality. From air pollution connecting to respiratory, cardiovascular and neurologic defects to heat stress, deaths from heat waves, polar vortex extreme winters, flood waterborne diseases, vector borne diseases, malnutrition, dehydration, mental health and diseases affecting the unborn children. All these are pressing issues that the doctor needs to know and take into account in the whole paradigm of patient care."

Doctors above all, have an important role in changing society – because first, they are listened to, and second, they are relied on by the public.

Dr. Jay (as HCWH Asia team fondly calls him) became a close partner of Health Care Without Harm Asia in 2018 on the campaign for healthier air and climate action. He is presently one of our staunch champions in the Health Care for Cleaner Air Alliance, along with his other colleagues in the Executive Committee of the Philippine College of Physicians.###